Christmas Presents for Sensory Motor Development

Christmas is upon us and there are so many play items out there available but what toys develop what skills from a play- function approach. In Occupational Therapy we use play in day to day treatment, supporting children to build on foundational skills they require in order to learn, progress and engage in everyday tasks. We do this through developing skills areas such as sensory processing, gross motor and fine motor co-ordination, visual perceptual skills, problem solving, creativity and imaginative play and social skills.

Here are my top Christmas present ideas, toys and top activities you can purchase to support developed this Christmas.


  • Self Care Sensory Box  from Sensational Life is great for children who require additional support to help maintain attention and to promote engagement. It has toys that’s provides tactile, proprioception and visual stimulation. Great for children who require additional support for calming and regulating. You can also promote...
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