Are you struggling to understand your child's behaviour?

'It just doesn't make sense'

'It comes out of nowhere'

' We are constantly walking on egg shells'

' Some days they can do it, others days they can't'

'A everyday task like, put your coat on can cause a huge meltdown' 

I have had these said to me so many times over the years as a therapist and I have been able to help parents understand them every time! 

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Hi I'm Kate

Sensory, Bonding and Connections specialist who’s background is Occupational Therapy specialising in supporting children and families with social and emotional development and early years intervention. I have dedicated my career to promoting mind-body connection, sensory motor and relationship based interventions for children with developmental, behavioural and social and emotional learning differences. Therapeeze was developed through my drive and passion to empower children, parents/carers and educators with the knowledge and tools they require to nurture self-regulation and achieve optimal day to day functioning. Using a sensory, developmental and relationship approach to develop social and emotional wellbeing in children including neurodiverse children and those experiencing mental health and trauma.

I invite you on a journey with me to rethink everything you have learnt about managing behaviours and learn why most common, cognitive approaches are not effective with children with complex behaviours. This is not a one size fits all approach, it considers the child’s and families autonomic state and their brain-body connection.

Therapeeze focus on nurturing the uniqueness of children and their social circles to enhance their feelings to feel safe and secure within their bodies and their environments.

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Understanding each others nervous systems builds connections. 


Parents, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, easily frustrated, or struggling to navigate the challenges of raising a sensory child, "Living Connected" is the nurturing guide you've been searching for. Co-regulation isn't just a skill—it's a lifeline for both you and your child.

I want to understand more!

Sensory Informed Parenting Programme

Unique, innovative programme to enhance regulation throughout your home!

The Sensory Informed Parenting Programme is an innovative and specifically designed programme for families to have easy access to therapeutic support for a whole 6 months. 
Each and every family is unique and this programme is adaptable and specific for your family and their sensory needs, mental health, well-being, relationships and physical environment. 

It is directed by you, to gain the support you need to enhance regulation,

Re-connect everyone's mind- body connection.

Re-Balance family life.


Re-focus to achieve YOUR damily goals. 

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Let's promote inclusion for all! 

 The Super Sensory Squad.

The Squad uses a bottom up approach from the brain. That means that it focuses on sensory regulation within the lower brain area regulating the behavioural responses for the fight, flight, freeze or fawn memories, learning and body reflexes. When this area is regulated, children, staff and parents can access the higher level brain activity such as learning, memory, problem solving, emotions, attachment and behaviour.

Leading to:

Regulated behaviour in the classroom.
Reduced overwhelm for staff and parents.
Cohesive and collaborative approach between home and school.
Parents/families feeling supported.
Improved academic performance

Overall, we aim to empower children and their social network to truelly understand their mind-body connection to support emotional regulation and positive mental health. 


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