Specialised consultancy and coaching service.

Empowering parents and educators to enhance well being at home and in the classroom.

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Welcome to Therapeeze.

Meet Kate, our CEO and Founder.



All resources on the database are accessible via any device, so no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will always have access. The database is simply designed to ensure you enrich a child's life. The database is updated on a weekly/monthly basis so you will NEVER get bored.


Visit our membership and decide which 3 levels of the membership is the one which you feel your family or school would benefit most from. 


Become a member and get immediate access to the therapeutic database plus join our VIP community for unlimited access to specialist therapist. 


Unlimited access to tools that will enhance children's lives, develop your knowledge and skills and ensure you never feel lost, stuck or alone again.

FAB Family Membership Scheme

Providing unlimited therapeutic coaching to support the whole family achieve their goals. With continuous professional support daily in our VIP community.

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Enhanced Education Membership Scheme

A therapeutic coaching provision to embed Occupational Therapy techniques and strategies directly into your school and classrooms.

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Bridging the Gap

"Parents and educators are often provided with Occupational Therapy Programs without further support and limited training. Through online membership and unlimited access to therapeutic resources, I am aiming to bridge this gap, integrating therapy seamlessly into the home and classroom ensuring it is accessible and affordable therapeutic coaching for all." -Kate Smith (Founder of THERAPEEZE Therapy tools to thrive)

Specialist Child and Family Assessments (UK only)

Our specialist Occupational Therapists deliver a person-centred assessment where a bespoke package is developed in order to meet your families needs and your goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Family and Educational Coaching memberships there are three different levels allowing everyone access to therapeutic based resources. With unlimited amount of guidance, strategies, and activities you will without doubt support your families/children mental health and well-being. All you have to do is decide which level best suits you and your budget. 

Yes you can cancel your membership at any time with no questions asked. Feedback is greatly appreciated though as we continue to build and develop service.

Yes you can! Our consultancy service allows us to provide individualised holistic assessments on sensory motor skills and mental health. You will receive a full detailed analysis and detailed report with recommendations. These can be used to support your child at home, in school and during a EHCP process.

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