Empowering parents to view behaviour through a sensory lens.

Therapeeze emerged from the frustration experienced during my career, as a dedicated therapist, I recognized the limitations hindering her ability to make a significant impact on families dealing with sensory processing challenges. Fueled by a passion for empowering both parents and professionals with effective tools, I combined my extensive therapeutic knowledge to develop Therapeeze.

This innovative service aims to simplify access to therapy by offering 2 amazing FREE downloads that allow everyone to view behaviours through a sensory lens. Kate's vision is to provide a resource that not only raises awareness but also offers valuable insights into potential sensory processing differences in children. By making these downloads freely available, I hope to foster a community of informed individuals who can better understand and support those with sensory needs.

To take the first step in enhancing your understanding of sensory processing, click on the masterclass you want (above) and download now and empower yourself with valuable insights into your child's unique sensory experiences.

Let's empower everyone to understand sensory driven behaviours. 

Kate xx