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Therapeeze provides specialist sensory therapeutic approaches to support families and professionals in order to effectively support a child or families day to day life. This is through utilising therapeutic knowledge to ensure they are accessible and proven to develop functional activities such as self-care skills, play, social skills or school based activities. The uniqueness of Therapeeze is specialising in understanding the body-mind connection, the understanding of the body and the develop of social connections and bonding through a nurturing sensory environment. All our online courses, workshops and resources provides are specially designed to nurture the learner as well as those around them. We don’t just support the child, we support the family.

I want to bridge the gap between services, I am passionate about ensuring all children, parents/carers and families gain the support they need, want and deserve to achieve their family goals without the additional stress of long waiting lists, demands of appointments and expensive private practice. 


All children, parents and families deserve support to achieve their unique family life!

What People Are Saying

LL - Parent

"Outstanding service - very professional - exemplary."

Pauline Grant - Founder - Smell The Roses

"Kate had some brilliant ideas and tips on how to alleviate anxiety in ourselves and our children."

LA - Parent

"Gave lots of suggestions ... not just one idea but things that we could choose that fitted best for us."

Who do we support?

  • Parents of neurodiverse children
  • Fostering/ Adoptive parents
  • Professionals working with neurodiverse and attachment/trauma children.
  • New Parents

Children who experience the following:

  •  Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  •  Attention Deficit Disorder
  •  Learning Disabilities
  •  Trauma and Attachment
  •  Specific Learning Difficulties
  •  Anxiety and mood disorders
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Our sensory approach focuses on the development of:

  • Sensory processing
  • Bilateral Coordination
  • Motor Planning
  • Social Communication
  • Attention
  • Daily Living skills and independence
  • Social Skills
  • Body Awareness – Proprioception
  • Fine Motor Control
  • Attachment & Bonding
  • Visual – Spatial Perception
  • Emotional Development And regulation
  • Perception of Touch – Tactile awareness
  • Perception of movement / Balance – Vestibular Awareness

Additional Support Provided by Therapeeze:

  • EHCP writing (On relevant clinical area)
  • Tribunal Support and Attendance (Virtually).
  • Individualised coaching call: Q&A : Ask the therapist your questions related to sensory processing and behavioural difficulties. Discuss family challenges experienced on a day to day basis and gain individualised advice and guidance.  
  • Sensory assessments with a comprehensive written report (Also, explore our VIP Sensory Day .
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