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Are you ready to receive the support you need, for your child and family? Our specialist consultancy service is available across the UK and all documents can be shared with professionals, EHCP application and contribute to tribunal evidence. 

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“You can have an appointment within 2-3 weeks”

Are You Struggling With Your Child's Behaviour?

Is your child's behaviour impacting on your family life? Do you feel like you are walking on egg shells everyday, trying your hardest to have a calm, regulated day but out of nowhere, your child can become heightened and no matter what you try, it works for a while and then stops?

Is it impacting on your relationship with your child or your partner? Is everyone feeling overwhelmed right now? Our unique services are for you.


Imagine the day where you....

  • Have a deeper understanding of your child's sensory motor challenges and how these imacpt on their daily life.
  • Can differentiate between behaviours and understand how to pro-actively support their sensory processing needs to reduce likelihood of meltdowns and overwhelm. 
  • When your child has an increased awareness of their mind-body connection and can understand what their body needs/wants.
  • Where you feel empowered with the knowledge and skills that enable you to engage in family activities successfully. 
  • When you feel empowered to support your child during meltdowns effectively. 
  • Your child does not get overly stressed, anxious and worried about school  (and they don't have a post school meltdown).
  • You get authorised an EHCP.
  • You develop a greather bond and feel an increase sense of connection throughout the family home. 



Sensory VIP Day 

VIP Days, where I understand, share and guide you through gaining a deeper understanding of behaviour and provide you with an elaborate tool box of resources which you can implement that night!

Including a bespoke, individualised programme and sensory lifestyle/diet (subject to need of child).

Your VIP day guarantees a clinical assessment of the behavioural challenges, comprehensive report and a therapeutic programme all provided so you can start to implement straight away!

Your VIP consulting day with me is where I understand, share and analyse the daily behavioural difficulties you experience using a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments.

I’ll consult with you personally on gaining an in-depth insight into the behaviours you observe, discuss in depth the impact this has on others, develop a comprehensive report which can be shared with other professionals, schools and services as well as finally providing a consultation discussion on findings and coaching you through step by step the bespoke intervention package.

No waiting for reports, no waiting for intervention programmes and no waiting around to ask questions about the jargon!

This is ALL covered in one day!

Together, we will connect virtually and complete in one day what you may be hoping to achieve from services in months or more!

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Sensory Processing Assessments

(Limited Availability in The North East)


We offer Sensory assessments across the North East, starting at £325. With the completion of standardised assessments, clinical discussions with a specialist therapist and clinical observations we create a personalised, evidence based and clinical analysis of your child’s sensory processing difficulties.

Costings can vary in packages dependent on if any further assessments are included and the locality of your home.

The comprehensive report then empowers you to take action with therapeutic strategies, programmes and recommendations to make the biggest changes to your children’s life. These reports can also be used for EHCP applications/reviews.

Please contact us with your Assessment request and your residential area so we can give further clarity on costings (Subject to availability).

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Sensory Strategy Call


Have you ever thought, I wish I could just ask a therapist about that? Or perhaps you feel stuck in a rut and just need some guidance to strategically move your family life forward?

Create Sensory Action plan for your child in your home with one call.

Sensory strategy calls are offered to parents, carers and professionals who are seeking advice to support a child’s functioning in the home or classroom. It offers a great opportunity to ask questions, problem solve and receive therapeutic strategies which you may have difficulty or no access to. Between yourself and your therapist you will strategically discuss all aspects of concern and develop practical strategies which you can implement straight away.


What we'll work on: 
  • Identifying the foundational sensory challenge influencing daily life.
  • Learning how to support that sensory need to increase independence, regulation and connection.
  • Practicing and developing a strategy where you feel you can go away and grade and adapt your strategies to suit your need. 

Each call is £45 for 60 minutes.

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Is there something you know is causing your child's behaviour that professionals so far have not understood?

Quotes like:
'you are the only professional who have got a true grasp of his behaviour and can explain it, Thank you!'
....Is the reason I provide such a specialist service. 
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Truth is....

I developed Therapeeze because I care about children, about their families and about everyone living their best life! 


I truly care about each and every child and family I work with. I believe everyone should have access to the support, guidance and strategies to make life easier, fun and enjoyable!

As a mum of two little ones myself, I fully understand the chaos of juggling family life and commitments can bring. That is why I want to take away any additional stress and overwhelm for parents and support families to live their best life, happy, connected and unique in their own special way. 


Over the many years in my career I have spoken to thousands of families, observed and played with thousands of children and really took time to understand their daily life. I understand parenting a children with adiditional needs can be complicated, stressful and overwhelming. Which is why I designed all of these accessible consultancy services with integrity and heart. I am here to make a difference to you, your child and your family and I treat all families in the unique, caring and considerate approach that they deserve,

You don't have to feel frustrated.....

Many families who decide to work with my say they wish they had done so sooner. Working with organisations and services can be highly stressful and frustrating. You may have been disappointed or annoyed at the service you received. Therapeeze guarentee is that we provide every family with the best service possible.
I'm 100% Ready To Change My Families Life