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Uncategorized Aug 06, 2020

For years I have considered moving into private practice but only since having my beautiful baby girl have I taken the leap.  During my maternity leave I considered the model and the approach to the business I wanted to take and thought carefully about who I really wanted to support. A huge factor for me was when Covid-19 occurred and through being in groups on social media I realised the lack of support, guidance and techniques provided to families of children who received a diagnosis. I was reading comments such as ‘since diagnosis we have seen no one’, ‘I have been referred to a specialist but that was 8 months ago and still not heard anything’. With the additional complications of covid-19 for families to receive support I thought how can I support these families and children who are looking and/or needing support but are stuck on how to get it.

My passion and drive of working with families and covid-19 allowed me to be creative and develop the coaching and consultancy model offered today. The consultancy model (only available in the UK) offers a complex, holistic assessment of your child’s sensory motor skills and mental health. Providing appropriate child centred recommendations. There is also the option to receive treatment via tele therapy (online) to support your child’s needs.

The coaching model is the innovative, unique service that offers all families the opportunity to receive education, ideas, activities and guidance on how to effectively support their child at home. Our Change revolution membership has various levels, which means they are accessible and affordable for all families. This is what excites me, being able to offer my knowledge and support to any family worldwide who feels stuck, lost or in need of new inspiration! No more searching endlessly online for answers, everything is right here in one place. Bonus is that you join a supportive, caring community that will be there no matter what family challenge you face. Family challenges happen, fact! That is why as an added bonus there is also resources for the whole family. Parent’s wellbeing is just as important as their child’s is, so the membership gives you access to help manage your or your partners’ mental health too!

Coaching is all about personal growth, lifestyle, inspiration, change, motivation and change so although the resources and videos are not specific to your child or you, you can adapt all the resources to suit your needs. I discuss these continuously throughout the database to ensure resources meet all levels of abilities. So, although these resources will never be a substitute for an assessment and analysis of an individual’s needs. However, with unlimited lifetime access you can be assured to have evidence based strategic resources at your fingertips to support your family during no matter what your family is experiencing.

My brain then started working overtime, as it does sometimes and I developed the idea further. In progress is using the same business model for schools and postpartum mums! This excites me even more as I have first-hand experienced providing therapy in schools and currently on postpartum journey myself! From curriculums to postpartum mental health, these services are going to be too amazing to miss out on! 

Keep checking out the website for updates on these services!

Kate x


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