Easy to do Halloween activities at Home

Uncategorized Oct 31, 2020

Therapeeze LOVE to create and come up with fun crafts and activities that double as a tool for addressing specific skills! Here you will find a variety of  Halloween activities that can address skills such as fine motor, visual motor, visual perception, scissor skills, hand strength, dexterity, core stability and strength, executive functioning, and so much more.

Paper Ghosts: All you need is paper and some scissors and cut weird and wonderful shapes and don;t forget to cut out a scary face!

Frankenstein Footsteps - Is great for gross motor co-ordination, proprioceptive processing, vestibular processing and planning and organisation of motor movements. 

BAT hunt : Get some black card and practice those scissors skills by cutting out bats. Stick them on the wall and then turn the lights off and torch on. Move the torch around the wall to find the bats. Great for visual tracking, visual perceptual skills and fine motor skills. 

Emotional Pumpkins: Use orange card to cut out pumpkin shapes. Use black card to cut out features of a face. Make happy, sad, angry, upset pumpkins and discuss what might have happened to help them feel that way! Great for fine motor skills, emotional awareness and expression!

Pumpkin Patch: Draw or cut out pumpkins to make a pumpkin patch; doing a pumpkin for each person they feel support them in their life.

Frankenstein Smoothie: Integrating life skills and healthy eating into Halloween. Making a smoothie of your choice. Fill it full of delicious fruits. Adding in something green, giving it that Frankenstein feel! If you have a Halloween cup to put it into even better!

Fancy dress: Dressing up as their chosen Halloween character can support life skills and increase motivation for children who experience difficulties with getting dressed. Turn it into play and you will be surprised how many children engage. Whether you get your bed sheets out for ghosts, mums black leggings to make a skeleton the kids will love it! 

Be a mummy: Get plenty toilet roll and allow your child to make you into a mummy. Great for imaginative play, planning and organisation of motor skills, gross motor co-ordination, patients, problem solving (lets face it the toilet roll could snap). 

Real life mummy: Get a large piece of paper (even use back of wrapping paper) and draw a large mummy. Then using toilet paper turn the drawing into a mummy to stick up on the wall. For extra challenge make into a collage and only use dominant hand (great for hand strengthening, in hand manipulation) this activity will take longer so keep the whole family busy for a while! 



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