Living Connected: Your ultimate guide to co-regulation throughout your home. 

"Living Connected" is here to offer a lifeline to families like yours who are seeking a way to break free from the cycle of conflict and disconnection. This e-book isn't just about understanding the science behind co-regulation and the nervous system; it's about transforming your family dynamics and enhancing everyone's well-being.

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This e-book is your guide to navigating the emotional rollercoaster of family life with compassion, understanding, and practical strategies for fostering connection.

Does it feel like your whole family is stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you finding it hard to connect with your family? Do arguments, fallouts, and feelings of upset and disrespect seem to be a regular occurrence? Perhaps you feel trapped in a vicious cycle, frustrated with certain family members' behaviour, but struggling to regulate your own emotions. If this sounds like your family, you're not alone.

Feel empowered with the knowledge, tools and skills to regulate everyone's nervous system in your home.  

Understand your the 8 sensory systems and how they impact on day to day life. 

Understand the fundamental importance of co-regulation for your family. 

Consider the power struggle which may be in your home and the impact that has on relationships. Taking into consideration boundaries and discipline. 

Think about all the individual relationships within your home through a co-regulation lens: Parent-parent, parent - child and a BONUS pull-out for Teacher-child.

Download the E-book now

 Living Connected: Your ultimate guide to achieving co-regulation throughout your home.  

The quickest way to regulate a dysregulated brain is through co-regulation. 


Who is this e-book for?


Parents, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, easily frustrated, or struggling to navigate the challenges of raising a sensory child,

"Living Connected" is the nurturing guide you've been searching for. Co-regulation isn't just a skill—it's a lifeline for both you and your child. By understanding the intricacies of your child's interoception processing and their mind-body connection, you'll unlock the key to helping them develop essential self-regulation skills.

From managing toileting difficulties and tiredness to navigating moments of overexcitement and meltdowns, this e-book is a must-have resource for parents navigating the unique challenges of raising a sensory child.

Embrace the journey of connection and empowerment with "Living Connected," and watch as your family flourishes with newfound understanding and resilience.

Who is the book for?

"Living Connected" isn't just an e-book—it's a beacon of hope for families navigating the complexities of raising a sensory child. With its nurturing guidance and practical strategies, this book has the power to transform your family dynamics, fostering deeper connections and a more harmonious home environment.

By embracing the principles of co-regulation and understanding the mind-body connection, you'll embark on a journey of growth and empowerment, enabling both you and your child to thrive.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and frustration, and hello to a future filled with understanding, empathy, and resilience. Together, let's create a home where love and connection flourish, one page at a time.


What's inside this e-book?

Deep Dive Into the Nervous System:** Uncover the secrets of the nervous system and gain valuable insights.

Unlock the power of co-regulation with actionable techniques that empower you to create a more harmonious and connected family environment.

 Explore the profound connection between the mind and body, and discover how nurturing this connection can lead to greater emotional well-being for your entire family.

Strengthen your family bonds and cultivate a sense of understanding, empathy, and resilience that will last a lifetime.

Bonus Resource: Access additional resources and tools to support your journey, including sensory behaviour checklists and practical tips for navigating everyday challenges.

 Don't wait another moment to transform your family dynamics and create a home filled with love, understanding, and connection.

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Take a moment and think about you really? Are you always truly regulated when you are interacting with your child or is your mind off thinking about what to make for tea? Do you truly spend time connecting with your partner or do you sit on the sofa together and scroll on phones?

Do you recognise each family members unique nervous system and think about how to support each others individual needs?

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