Assessments and Screenings


After years of working with children and families, I want to ensure all families can receive sensory processing support and gain insight into their child's behavour through a sensory dysregulated lens. This is because I understand the huge impact it can have on families lives and with better understanding families can live a sensory regulatory lifestyle to suit everyone within the home. 

  • Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Assessments are available throughout the North East (limited availability) and across the UK Online. 
  • Specialised assessments in sensory processing can support yours and your child's schools understanding of sensory driven behaviours. 
  • Comprehensive reports can be used towards EHCP applications and/or tribunals. 
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Screening Assessments

Screenings are not as comprehensive as an assessment but are great to determine the nature and extent of your child's sensory needs. 

  • Screenings are available across the UK. 
  • Perfect if you are unsure if your child is demonstrating sensory driven behaviours. 
  • No appointment required. 
  • Summary report can not be used for EHCP application or tribunal.

Screenings for specialist assessments for children who experienced trauma/attachment are available. Please email Kate directly to discuss. 

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