From worries about behavior, anxiety to sensory processing disorder and autism,THERAPEEZE has you covered. Through our FAB families membership program, you have:-

  • Unlimited access to a therapeutic video library that are easy to follow and full of activities to support development.
  • Virtual therapeutic programs focusing on skills such as social skills, sensory processing, therapeutic literature, anxiety management, anger management and so much more! These are all in our FuN Factory and you can watch and do them at home at your convenience. No appointment needed! 
  • Printable ready to use resources at home: including visual schedules, behaviour charts, journals etc.
  • VIP Community with daily input/discussions/updates from one of our specialist therapists.
  • Explanations of purpose, adapting and grading activities to ensure your child progresses throughout the database.
  • Baseline assessment for you to complete that guides you to the correct areas of the database for your child/family.
  • Powerful Parent resources (yes unlimited access!): focusing on your mental health and well being as a parent. 
  • Workshops on a variety of topics such as sensory processing disorder, childhood nutrition, journal therapy, challenging behaviour formulations and reflections.
  • Top tip videos - how to support your child overcome challenges for example travel, teeth brushing, tactile sensitivities.

From diagnosis to unresolved challenges in the home environment; resources will educate, advise, and guide you every step of the way. Children's needs change, their level of functioning changes and therefore, old strategies are no longer useful. That is why having unlimited access is the most efficient and cost effective way to support your child as they grow up. 

 This unique holistic approach will ensure to support your family to achieve their goals no matter what challenges they face!

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