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Meet Kate

Throughout the years of being an Occupational Therapist I have worked with many families and educators who are passionate about the children but sometimes feel stuck. They are faced with daily challenges and feel that there is no solution or help is sparse. Challenges which include supporting children to have a bath, use the toilet, copy from the board, handwriting, read their books and improve attention and behaviour (plus more). They would do everything in their power to support skill development but just could not find a solution, causing feelings of disappointment, frustration, and failure. This inevitably influenced their own well-being and some began to lack confidence in their roles.

Gave lots of suggestions ... not just one idea but things that we could choose that fitted best for us.

LA - Parent

Many parents and educators reach crisis point and require strategies that would help not only the children but themselves and others around them. Parents and educators alike can experience high stress levels when children lack progression in their skills and educational outcomes. No matter where they turn they are faced with frustrations and systems causing higher levels of stress. Waiting on long referral lists, being dismissed from services or just being provided with printed information which they don’t understand or believe it won’t support their child effectively. The emotional impact of me working with parents and educators reaching breaking point made me realise that it doesn’t have to be this way. All children, all families and all educators deserve more!

Therapeeze was developed from my determination to make therapeutic coaching accessible to enhance all children’s lives. The membership programmes have been specifically designed to provide empowerment and knowledge, and enlighten others in the magic Occupational Therapy can provide. Working with parents and educators ready to dedicate themselves to integrate new innovative ideas into their home and classroom is my passion. With dedication and commitment from them, I have seen skills develop as quickly as 4 weeks.

Outstanding service - very professional - exemplary.

LL - Parent

Kate had some brilliant ideas and tips on how to alleviate anxiety in ourselves and our children.

Pauline Grant - Founder - Smell The Roses

From challenging behaviour to functional daily challenges such as toileting, the membership schemes provide fun, creative and innovative ideas brought to life to promote engagement and co- regulation throughout the home and classroom. I love developing the resources for the memberships, I can use any activity and focus it on a functional outcome which means children across the globe will get the intervention they need, progress in daily activities and have great fun whilst doing it!

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Empowering parents and educators to enhance well being at home and in the classroom.

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